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Providing Everything You Need to learn about clay, fused glass and pottery painting - here's a bit more about it all

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Clay Hand building

Almost everyone I come across loves having a go with clay and hand-building is a sure winner. I can help you to make a range of things, from a coffee mug or vase to a sculpture of a highland cow or cat or even some everlasting flowers. 

I have lots of tools to choose from and often have workshops available - if you don't see one, send me a message and I'll book you in. 

I always offer private sessions too, from £15pp and I do have a wheel available if you'd like to try. 

Fused Glass

Fused glass always raises so many questions. I have a glass kiln, called Gloria which I use to fuse your glass pieces together and possibly to mould into the shape you have chosen. 

I offer a range of glass workshops, suitable for most people to enjoy - some where you don't cut any glass and others where you will be shown how to cut glass and have access to a grinder too for shaping. 

My most popular pieces are suncatchers and curved ornaments. 

I occasionally have workshops available, please have a look at the bookings page - if there's no availability, send me a message and I will fit you in. 

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Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting offers so many variations. You can paint at my workshop, at an event or book a takeaway kit.

I have a range of tools and colours and speciality glazes too, plus loads of pottery to choose from - you could even come and pick it off the shelves.

I can teach you how to use silk screens, crystal glazes and much mor. 

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