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FAQ & Care Guide

Care Guide

DO NOT MICROWAVE - Please take extra care and do not microwave your ceramics, they will get very very hot and may cause injury

HAND WASH with care for long life - yes these can go in the dishwasher, but they will not last as long, so to keep your treasures in their best condition for longest, please take the time to hand wash with care

LED TEALIGHTS - Please use LED Tealights in lanterns, flames will make the ceramics get very hot and this may be dangerous


  • Do I have to pay extra to have my ceramics glazed and fired?
    No, the price of the bisque includes the cost of standard paint colours and glazing and kiln firing. There are no hidden extras to pay for. If you would like a specialist paint, there may be an additional fee to pay, but you will be told this before you proceed with your purchase
  • How do I select my ceramics?
    I am working on and online shop, but in the meantime I have lots of photos on my Facebook page, please have a look or make contact and I will send you pictures that might be useful in helping you to choose. Or you could arrange to visit and have a look at what is in my store room.
  • How do I find your address?
    Please make contact, if you require my address I will let you know. As it is my family home I haven't published it on the website at this point. Thank you! Contact details are on the contact me page.
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